Tracks and Topics

IoTIP features two tracks:
– Current ideas: for technical works currently under investigation;
РFuture perspectives: for vision papers envisaging possible future technologies, paradigms and applications for IoT.

The topics of particular interest include, but are not limited to:

  • IoT paradigms, architectures, applications and technologies
  • IoT systems and components
  • IoT for semantic web and personalization
  • Tools for developing IoT applications
  • Blogging, Podcasting, Tagging and Social networking through the IoT
  • Cloud vs distributed computing for the IoT
  • Device to device communications for the IoT
  • Security and privacy control mechanisms
  • Performance assessment and management (QoS, scalability, reliability, etc)
  • PHY layer, Spectrum management for IoT radio communications
  • MAC protocols (e.g., scheduling, power control etc.) for IoT
  • Mobility management
  • Naming, address management and End-to-End Addressability
  • Object, device and service management
  • RFID, sensors, actuator technologies
  • Middleware
  • Sustainable design and technologies (e.g. energy-efficiency)
  • Test-beds and field trials
  • Standardization and regulatory issues